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Institut für Veterinärpharmakologie          Winterthurerstrasse 260
und -toxikologieCH-8057 Zürich (Schweiz)

Please note

-If you have veterinary or animal-related questions, please consult your personal veterinarian first!
-We can't give any advices about the treatment of ill animals via the Internet; a clinical examination is essential for diagnosis and therapy.
-We don't sell veterinary drugs or veterinary products; if you have specific questions about a product, please ask the appropriate distributor and not us.
-The Compendia (Swiss Veterinary Drug Compendium, Veterinary Products & Feeds; texts in German) include all veterinary drugs approved in Switzerland plus some other veterinary products; the link at the top of a product data sheet will lead you to the address of the distributor.
-Some of our texts are only available in German or English; we will not provide translations to other languages.
-All the email forms (see for link below) are available in English.
-If you would like to contact a specific person of our institute, go to the phone numbers and email addresses; only for personal communications.

Email to the institute of veterinary pharmacology & toxicology

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